Long Island and New York Luxury Wedding Planners Revamp the Rehearsal Dinner

Something terrible is happening in the great wide world of weddings. People could care less about their rehearsal dinner. Today’s bride is also more often than not, a working woman and there she is much busier than ever before. So it’s understandable that after months and months (sometimes upwards of a year!) of planning for the big day, the last thing you want to do is worry about feeding people the night before. It’s exhausting, and sometimes pricey- I promise you, we get it. However, your lack of rest is no reason to write off your rehearsal dinner. No need to worry though- La Bella, your favorite luxury wedding planners, have devised a way to de-stress your planning process and dare I say, make it fun!

Personally, I think when a couple thinks about their rehearsal dinner their first thoughts are “Seriously? We JUST finished choreographing our routine to a mashup of The Ronettes and The Beach Boys (‘Be My Baby vs. Don’t Worry Baby- trust me, there is a need for this creation)! Now you’re telling me we have to plan another party? What gives?” What gives indeed, ladies and gentlemen? Rehearsal dinners are not rocket science. Nor are they required to be a formal affair. Potluck rehearsal dinners are becoming more and more popular and this is certainly a trend we approve of! Employ those amazing bridesmaids (and groomsmen for that matter) and have them reach out to those attending the rehearsal to assign side dishes and entrees. Got the budget but not the time? Even better! Look into getting a room at your favorite restaurant- it’ll add up but you won’t have to deal with the cooking or the mess!

All joking aside, we would like to remind you that there is a reason why you have a rehearsal dinner.  First of all, it is becoming more and more common that the rehearsal dinner will be the first time both sides of the family meet. We know meeting the in-laws can be tricky and at times, awkward. Why not get that out of the way if you can? And even more importantly, your rehearsal dinner is your opportunity to personally thank your parents, family members, and bridal party. Without their help and patience throughout this process, you never would have been able to do it all. You will of course want to repeat this act on your wedding day but it goes by so quickly you might not be able to say everything you want. In addition, the rehearsal dinner is the perfect way to welcome your out of town guests. And believe me, if they just came all the way from San Francisco for your “Cabin in the woods of Vermont” themed wedding, you can bet they’re looking for a welcome wagon. Remember: your family and friends are thrilled that you’ve found your match and trust me they want to celebrate your love in as many ways possible. Don’t rob them of that.

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