Live Painting is the New Wedding Reception Trend to Love

Trust us—after your wedding photos and video, this is going to be the next most-treasured memory of your wedding.

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Painting by Joan Zylkin

True, there are many ways to capture memories at your wedding. Besides your photographer and videographer, you can incorporate photo booths, GoPros, drones, robots, live-streaming, countless social media outlets and even have someone write your love story for you. But let’s take it back to the first way to preserve a memory: paintings.

There are trained artists across the country who specialize in painting live events. Besides giving yourself a cherished, unique gift that’ll make a beautiful conversation starter in your home, your guests will love the artistic element added to your reception—they may even be captured in the painting! And in this crazy digital age, it’s fun to have something included in your wedding that you can’t see the results of immediately, making it even more special to finally see the finished work of art. We list a few tips here when selecting your painter:

Live painter

Painting by Agnes Russo

Communicate the look and moment you want to convey in your painting

Good communication is key! Make sure the artist knows what’s important to you and you’ll end up with a painting you love. Be sure to clearly communicate any specific details you might want conveyed in the painting—things like color scheme, what wedding moment you want the artist to focus on, or if there’s a guest or small wedding detail you want to make sure is on the canvas. The more details you provide beforehand, the better your painting will be. Other than that, just be sure the artist is clear on where to be and when to set up. You don’t want them to be too in the way of any wedding events, but also need to make sure they have a good vantage point to paint from.

Know how painting styles vary

Most artists will work on one to three canvases throughout the night, depending on the sizes and details. The style of the artwork can also be loose, impressionistic or detailed; detailed even to the point of guest likenesses and portraitures. Most artists will be able to tailor their style to your preference.

Decide on the ceremony, reception, or both!

Most painters will paint for four to five hours—the typical length of a wedding reception. But they can also paint ceremonies, in which case they might stay for the party afterward to keep working on the ceremony painting while guests watch. Most painters also like to arrive about four hours early if the venue permits, to paint the background, so it’s good to allow your painter a budget of 7 to 10 hours total work time, including setup and cleanup.

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