Let’s Hear it For the Ladies: Celebrating Your Bridal Party

They were there before you entered into this new chapter of your life, and they will be the ones supporting you while you navigate through it. Best friends, sisters of the groom, both?  Regardless of who you choose, why you choose them, whether you have 2 or 12, your bridal party is committing to stand with you on one of the most important days of your life, and support this public declaration of your love for one another as a couple.

We are in love with these clever, cute and classy bridesmaid gifts to show your appreciation.

1. Survival Kit. Let’s face it. Weddings are super fun, but they can be a lot of work and stress too! That applies to your bridal party too. These ladies have committed to stand with you, and help you with whatever you need to make your day possible. Show your appreciation by putting together an assortment of fun little treats. Some of the best “survival kits” we’ve seen include nail polish, small bottle of wine, bandaids, advil, chocolate, mints and some item of new makeup.

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2. Jewelry. Whether you provide your ladies with the necklace to wear on the day of the wedding, or give earrings as a cute token of friendship, jewelry is a fantastic gift to get your bridesmaids. It can be expensive, but it shows immense gratitude and will last a lifetime, making the gift really priceless for your memories and your friendship.

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3. Personalized Items. This can be a myriad of items, but a few we’ve seen are mugs, totes, hangers, champagne glasses, and t-shirts. They are usually fun and affordable – plus super personable!

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4. Salon card for mani/pedi. Treat yourself and your girls! Take them all out for a spa session before the wedding. Not only will your ladies will extra special and loved, but they will look smashing and coordinated for the big day.Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 5.22.45 PM

5. Shoes. Most brides expect their maids to coordinate and match shoes on the wedding day. It looks very polished and put together – if that’s the look you’re going for. So why not buy the shoes for your girls? However, if this is the gift route you choose, do NOT wait til the night before the wedding to let your girls try their shoes on. Shoes can be a  tricky fit and you want the gift to be a pleasant and fun surprise, not a hassle.

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6. Getting Ready Robe. Pictures of all the ladies getting ready in a hotel or bedroom are priceless. Make it even more special and give each bridesmaid a distinct and delicate robe to primp, perfect and get ready in!

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Whatever you do for your bridal party, make it special, memorable, and meaningful. And even though this day is about you, don’t forget to thank these influential people for being your support system, your circle of trust, and your friends.

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