Let All American Citizens Marry

…and the NYS Legislature said, “Let all American citizens marry” and finally it was fair…

very now and then people do what is right. Finally the New York State Legislature did the right thing and approved same sex marriage. I used to imagine the gay community and their allies banning together to pay NO taxes until the government gave gay citizens their constitutional right. I no longer have to plan acts of civil disobedience for equal rights in New York State. Instead I can plan weddings, and engagement parties, and showers. Gay individuals can enjoy the planning and the ritual of introducing each other to families and friends at events that are filled with love, happiness and their own personalities. They can march proudly into their relationships together with all those they love and all the accouterments of marriage, the good and the bad. We have parties to celebrate new years, new birthdays, new people, and new lives together. Go forth and have wonderful wedding parties ALL Ye Citizens (not just some ) of New York State.

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