La Bella Planners Loves Finding Hidden Gems in NYC!

When hosting an event in New York City it is always wonderful to find an event space that is a hidden gem and that speaks to our clients. However, while we may be jumping for joy with our find, there are two problems that always arise.

Looking for an event space that is a hidden gem in the city that never sleeps is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Most clients are always skeptical about using a space that has never been used. Too many questions arise (How is the food? Why does no one know about the space? )

Just recently (a couple of days ago) we were looking for event space in New York City (more specifically Astoria, Queens) for a corporate fundraiser. The non-for-profit had been holding this event at Terrace on the Park for many years, and were looking for a change.

Being a local Astoria business, our client wanted to show community solidarity and keep the event in Astoria if possible. Enter, La Bella Planners. We searched high and low in Astoria, and checked out all of the typical Astoria event spaces (Astoria World Manor, Studio Square, Bohemian Beer Garden among others).

Finally, as the 100+ degree temperatures were beating down on us, we came across Renaissance of Astoria. Located on a busy street, pedestrians walking by can easily miss this modern and beautifully laid out venue. Oozing Feng Shui, the Renaissance of Astoria was exactly what we were looking for. Decorated with high ceilings, luscious furniture and a beautiful oak bar, we knew that this was the perfect place to show our corporate client.

The Renaissance of Astoria was a breath of fresh air in an ever-crowded world of New York event venues. We are looking forward to building a long lasting relationship.

We ask you this, if you were invited to an event at an unknown place, would that affect your attendance or your attitude?

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