How To Write the Best Thank You Card

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In the current age of texts, emails, snapchats and every other electronic mode of communication you can think of, snail mail seems to slip through the cracks. But imagine the feeling of delight you have when you realize there’s a tangible piece of mail in your mailbox! That’s the least you can do for someone who spent thought, time, energy, and money on a gift or service for you.

1. Write it out.

Don’t email, don’t type a letter and print. Use pen and write on the paper. Yes, it takes more time. But that’s the point. Hand-written cards are some of the most thoughtful gestures because they’re a rare gem these days. Even if you have to start by doing five a day at a time until you finish, write them out.

2. Make it personal to the gift.

Mention the exact gift you were given, and perhaps how or when you will use the gift. Trust us, anything can be made personal. Add in a joke about how much you needed the item or how handy it will be. People appreciate knowing you have the gift, you appreciate it and you have use and purpose for it. It makes them feel like they’re a part of your lives – even if it’s a blender.

3. Make it personal to the giver.

Always use their name in the greeting. Always! Perhaps mention the next time you will see them, or how it’s a relevant gift for your friendship or how you know this person.

4. Use fun cards.

Show off your personality! If it’s a cute card, people usually keep thank you notes since they’re rare these days. Use color pens, get ones with your initial, or get unique envelopes. Thank you’s are made for enthusiasm so go wild!

5. Better late than never.

Send a thank you note. Send one. Send it. Get the idea? Just do it. Even if it’s late. Even if it’s March and your wedding was in November. People won’t care if it’s tardy – everyone is busy. But not sending them at all communicates that the gift was expected, which is not a good attitude to extend to any gift-giver, whether they be co-workers, your college roommate or your grandmother.

6. Use an address stamp.

Invest in a good one! This will save you plenty of time and hand energy by stamping instead of writing out your address. Do I need to write out a return address? you might ask. We think yes and the reason is, if your envelope has no return address and can’t be delivered, it will be thrown out. If it has a return address and can be returned to you, it saves you time having to re-write a card. Plus we think it’s extra satisfying to pound a stamp on your envelope to feel a little more accomplished as you crank those out.

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