How To Plan a New York City Birthday Party

Need help planning a birthday party in New York City?  Lucky for you, La Bella Planners has got you covered.  We have scoured the world’s greatest city and found the most talked about nightclubs, the most relaxing spas and the most unique places that could please any city dweller who is looking to celebrate in an off-the-beaten-path kind of way.

The best advice that we can give you as new york city event planning experts, is that if you decide to plan a new york city birthday party on your own, stop and think about the person you are planning the party for.  In many cases as people grow older, they tend to enjoy more intimate and thoughtful gestures rather than a crowded where as the young and the restless can party for days at a time.

The second best tip that we can provide is to pick a location.  One of my pet peeves is when people say “we’ll just meet and figure it out from there”.  Nothing comes of this, especially when you’re in New York City where there are so many places to choose from!  Planning is everything when it comes to throwing a successful event and La Bella Planners is more than happy to guide you through that process, but if choose to forego our services, we would like to at least guide you in the right direction!

Below is a sampling of birthday parties that we have organized.  Let us know your thoughts.

50th Birthday Party Ideas:  The best 50th birthday party we ever coordinated was a surprise 50th birthday party.  A husband called looking to throw his wife a surprise party.  After bouncing around several ideas, we came up with the idea of taking a limo into the city with several close friends.  Their first stop would be a cooking class where they would then eat what the cooked.  This was a great activity to get the evening going because everyone could enjoy a glass of wine while preparing a (delicious and homemade!) meal. After everyone was done eating everyone was whisked away to a dancing class.  Our client gave us rave reviews for this unique idea and how smoothly the event ran.

30th Birthday Party Ideas: There are certain things that never fail, and one of those things is a party at a spa.  One of our favorite vendors, SPArties brings the spa to you!  It’s a perfect way to gather a bunch of your closest gal-pals and gossip all day long while being pampered.  Aside from bringing all of your girlfriends together, it’s a great activity to involve family in too!

21st Birthday Party Ideas: If there is one birthday where it is acceptable to party until your clothes come off, it’s definitely the big 2-1.  One of our favorite NYC parties to organize is Bar Golf.  New York City is such a great venue for Bar Golf because there are hundreds of bars clustered together in every neighborhood.  You will need to start Bar Golf early and try to pace yourself… Bar Golf is not for the weak.  Bar Golf is a great party idea for a male or female birthday.


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