How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Some brides’ dream of walking down the aisle on an island beach, others imagine themselves walking down a candle-lit path in a European Castle.  Long Island event planners, La Bella Planners, can turn any place into your fairy-tale wedding.  Destination weddings take an enormous amount of research, unique wedding planning ideas and you and your partner have to be able to have a little wiggle room.

A Destination Wedding can be everything you have dreamed of and more.  It can also be less costly and can give you and your close family and friends a chance to spend some quality time together to celebrate.  Here are some tips from long island event planning experts, La Bella Planners

Why choose a destination wedding?

A destination wedding allows you to spend one of the most special days of your life in an exotic location (whether it be a beach or an exclusive estate tucked away in the woods).  A destination wedding also allows you to keep your guest list small, and typically in a destination-wedding scenario, guests will use your wedding as an excuse to take a vacation.

You can never stop planning

There are different laws on getting married for every country there is.  Make sure you know of all the logistics and legal requirements of the place you plan to marry.  A great place to start is

If you decide on a destination wedding, you have to come to terms with the fact that you will be the ‘host’ of everyone’s vacation.  This job will be easier if you: 1. Hire La Bella Planners or 2. If you research surrounding venues and exciting destinations and points of interest that are close to the place where you will be having your wedding.

Give your guests plenty of notice

La Bella Planners recommendation in terms of how much notice you should give your guests for a destination wedding is to let them know as soon as possible.  This will give guests enough time to find the best airfare and budget accordingly for their trip.  In some cases, guest turn a destination wedding opportunity into their vacation for the year, so like I stated above, as much time as possible.

Show your guests how much you appreciate them

Your guests could have traveled thousands of miles for your destination wedding, now it’s your turn to show how much you appreciate them.

Provide onsite group activities so that everyone can get acquainted.

Gift bags at the hotel are always a nice gesture.  La Bella Planners recently did a video highlighting some suggestions to put in the bag.  You can view the video here.

Consider a ‘no gifts’ policy

One option that you should consider is a ‘no gift’ policy.  Let your guests know that their presence on your special day is the only gift you want.  You have to keep in mind that for some guests, going to an out-of-town wedding is going to stretch their budget.  Just some food for thought…

Interested in planning a destination wedding?  Give us a buzz, we’re happy to assist!

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