How to Make Dancing the Best Part of Your Wedding

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There’s no better way to round off one of the biggest and happiest days of your life than to dance the night away with family and friends. However, the dancing part of the reception can often define the night, for better or for worse. We have a few suggestions for keeping your guests happy, your wedding classy, and the dance floor fun, without any unexpected disasters.

1. Know and trust your DJ.

Have you ever been at a reception and suddenly you realize the song playing is really about a breakup? Trust us, it happens. Don’t let this cringeworthy moment happen at yours. Not only should you hire a good DJ – read reviews, ask a wedding planner for a reference, and ask for a sample playlist. You should also make a list of your own songs that you absolutely want played at the wedding and give them to your DJ ahead of time. The more coherent the music is, the better time the guests will have and in turn the happier you will be!

2. Limit drinks.

Seriously consider the pros and cons of the open bar scenario. While guests love it, sometimes it causes more stress making sure things don’t get out of control. Some couples decide to not serve shots at all, for obvious reasons. Others choose to only serve beer and wine, with champagne for toasts. Whatever route you choose, know that there is potential for certain situations based on how much alcohol your guests have access to consume.

3. Do what works for you.

We’re referring to first dances, father-daughter dances, the typical traditions that occur at a reception. Don’t feel that you have to follow this suite just because it’s what’s expected. While these dances are standard for the average wedding, if it’s not your thing, start a new tradition!

4. Choose the first dance song together.

Your first dance as a couple should reflect what you want to share with your guests about your relationship. The dance is just as important as the song chosen. Are you a romantic, sunset-watching, love letter writing couple? Or perhaps more goofy and fun-loving? The first dance is your chance to let your guests see your love shine, so choose a song that shows it off.

5. Get people on the dance floor.

Ensure each guest will have at least one song that will get them on the dance floor. How? On your reply card, ask guests to name a song that will be sure to get them up and dancing. It will help guests get excited for dancing, and ensure that the wedding music appeals to a wide variety of people. Plus it makes every guest feel like they contributed a small part to the reception.

Regardless, you know your guests best, so definitely chat with your DJ, approve that wedding playlist and enjoy celebrating the day busting a move on the dance floor.

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