Holiday Parties Are on the Horizon

In the coming months holiday parties will be occurring all over. Gone are the days of the company Christmas party. Now holiday parties are thrown in order to incorporate the vibe of the holiday season overall, without isolating one specific holiday.

Holiday parties are a way for companies to show their appreciation for employees, while allowing everyone in the organization to unwind together outside of the day-to-day office environment. There are many details that go into planning a company holiday party and this is a checklist to make sure your company has the basic structure of the event prepared.

1.Event type

If you haven’t already solidified the event type, this must be done as soon as possible. The most common type of holiday party takes place on Friday or Saturday evenings. If budget is a concern, opt for a luncheon that takes place on a weekday, as the cost will be cheaper

2.Select a date

Typically holiday parties are in the month of December since it is after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza.

3.Choose a venue and caterer

There are hundreds of options for your holiday party. It all depends on your budget and the size of your guest list. Some ideas of venues include restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, country clubs and public venues that can be rented. Many of these venues mentioned above will have caterers they work with and can recommend one to suit your needs. No matter what, don’t skimp on the food! It is a staple of the event that your guests will notice and appreciate

4.Create a guest list and send invites

Creating a guest list might seem simple: invite all your employees. However, some employers allow guests to come, such as the employee’s spouse or children. Some companies also invite their clients to attend their holiday party. These parties are a way for the company to show appreciation to every individual that makes the business operate. Note, that if people outside the company will be coming, it is especially important to create invitations and RSVP cards to get an exact number of attendees. In a small company with no outside guests invited, using email invitations can be sufficient

5.Decide on entertainment and a theme

Some companies hire DJs, speakers or performers. These are all ways to liven up the event but are by no means the only options. Themed parties also add a unique vibe to the party so feel free to be creative

6.Alcohol policy

Alcohol can be one of the most expensive areas in planning a holiday party. Lots of companies are worried about open bars and employees that may take the alcohol consumption too far. Limiting the amount of drinks each individual can order can solve this; such as giving each person two drink tickets.


Recognizing employees is one of the largest parts of holiday parties today. This can be providing each employee with a small gift, creating awards to appreciate exemplary employees or to recognize entire teams that worked on specific projects throughout the year. Recognizing employees truly makes them feel valued by the company. LBP always recommends that the host of the party (usually the CEO) make a speech to thank everyone for all of their hard work during the year and tell them a little bit about what they can expect in the coming year.

8.Organize it all

Organization is key to any successful event! The easiest way to organize the event is to hire an outside event planner to handle all the details. This takes the burden off employees and allows them to focus on their jobs without taking on a second one. Similarly, an event planner will handle the day-of coordination to ensure that the event is smoothly executed.

This list is a superb way to kick off your holiday party planning! Stay tuned for future blog posts that will give continuous ideas and exceptional tips to help make your holiday party a true success.





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