Holiday Gift Wrapping: The Best & Easiest Way to Decorate

Brown paper packages, tied up with string – these are a few of our favorite things!

It’s a week before Christmas. You’re either scrambling to buy presents or in a hurry to wrap them up before they’re discovered in your closet. Maybe you’re ahead of the game this year and looking to add the perfect festive packaging to your gifts to accent the tree at your holiday party. Let’s agree – Christmas trees always look better with finely wrapped gifts underneath. Consider theme wrapping this year! We have a few ideas for making your Christmas tree the center of talk and attention at your party.

Great handwriting? Try out this fun look. Write the lyrics of popular Christmas songs with a crayon, sharpie or pen and added a colorful ribbon.

Looking forward to a year's worth of amazing gift wrap. Vow to start making and sharing your own creations.

Brown paper packaging is an iconic look at Christmas time. Take it a step further and add some silky ribbons, jingle bells, holly leaves, splatter paint, or other festive details.Holiday gift wrapping: kraft paper, jingle bells, black ribbon, & evergreenTHYMEROSE loves! #Christmas #Redchristmas #Christmaswrap

Yes, even gingerbread men…Awesome cute gingerbread man heart Christmas wrap idea!Servicio de Mensajería y Paquetería #ideasregalo #ideasenvolverChristmas wrapping tips Wrapping Ideas:  For an elegant and natural gift, tie pine cones, small branches and other items from nature on with raffia ribbon. Using brown paper bags with the writing on the inside, tissue paper and other re-purposed papers, will make your gift eco-friendly.make your gift wrapping lovely with woodland christmas tags gift wrap guide | jones design company #gift #wrappingsimple Christmas gift wrap: brown paper, stamps, evergreen, bakery twine

8 Stylish Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Tired of the old? And want to try something new? Go for metallics. They absolutely glow under the lights of the tree and add sparkle and reflection to the scene.boxwood clippings_christmas gift wrap: grey and goldBrown paper packages tied up with string....Elegant gifts!glamorous gold and black gift wrapglitter ribbon on brown paper wrapping. prettyyynames in gold sharpie... Next year


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