Dollars or Dreams

Different is good. It is creative. People enjoy doing things that are “different” for many reasons. When it comes to weddings I believe the bride and groom love each other and feel that what they share is special. They endeavor to relay that feeling they are experiencing through their wedding. It is fun to work for a couple that has their own vision, we learn so much that we can pass onto other couples in the planning of a wedding that is unique. The planning is a like a safari everyone knows what they are looking for but are usually surprised by the variations they actually find.

Recently we began planning for a wonderfully creative bride who wanted to be married in an area that included a castle and a barn, with rolling hills, trees and water. She lives in NY and wanted to have this enchanting wedding in April a month known for unpredictable weather in NY. It has snowed on April 15 and I have had sun poisoning on April 20th, all in one year. New York has many venues that may have fit this bill but one cannot plan an outdoor wedding in NY in April.

Our bride was willing to go as far south as D.C. and although she was open to several dates they all had to be in April. Barns alone, not too difficult, castles alone not bad but a castle and a barn, that was a challenge.  Also the thought of what the weather could possibly be terrified us. We found rustic and open areas but then the cost would sky rocket with the addition of tents, generators, stoves, refrigeration, lighting, tables, linens, dishes, portable bathrooms, heaters, parking lots and attendants, clean up and set up crews, all in addition to the usual wedding accouterments of food, cake, liquor and servers.  And this all too lovely scene would loose a certain amount of charm and comfort if the day turned out to be raining.

Brides all prefer lovely weather but usually once the party begins guests are inside and the weather does not matter. For this bride rain would mean discomfort for many guests as well as workers trying to keep the party up and running through mud and water. The choice was a difficult one, should the bride sacrifice her dream wedding for the comforts a more traditional wedding would bring? What would you do?

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