Bridal Party Gifts: At What Cost?

It is your wedding day.  You have spent months maybe a year planning it.  Every detail is important.  Every detail is symbolic of you and your love for each other.  No detail is too small.  The texture of the lace bows on the boxes for your favors, the silverware, glassware, linens, chair décor, flowers, every drink, every morsel of food, every detail has been examined and chosen with care by you.  And now the daunting task of dressing your bridal party.

Bridal parties are tricky, it’s one thing dressing yourself, where you know your own taste, which colors look best on you and what you are most comfortable in.  Most girls/women hate being in bridal parties due to the ugly “bridesmaid dress”.   Having everyone dress the same is so yesterday, the new thing now is to pick a color, or a color scheme, and have your bridal party pick out a dress they love!  Even though it is your day, it would be nice to make your bridal party feel beautiful as well (after all, they are ‘at your command’ for the day).

If your taste tends to be on the higher end (think $$$$), a nice gesture would be do purchase your bridesmaids and groomsmen accessories.  You wouldn’t want a pair of mandatory Manolo’s get in the way of your friendship, would you?

Instead of spending the money on a photo frame, makeup or keychain that you might be getting your bridal party, why not splurge and get them a Guicci tie? A pair of Christian Louboutin’s?  Giving a gift that every time they wear, they will think that you were the “Best Bride & Groom Ever.”

*Extremely large bridal parties would make this difficult.  If you have great taste and want every ounce of your wedding to be perfect and your way, you may wish to keep the numbers down.  A small bridal party gives you the freedom to become an extravagant giver of gifts and to have it your way.

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