And the Bride wore PANTS?!

You know how much we love wedding dresses, they make you look like a princess and set a feminine, romantic tone for your wedding day; however, they are not for everyone. For some brides — young, older, straight and gay — stripping away the tulle and tiaras allows them to explore more honest modes of self-presentation. So if you’re looking for something unconventional and cool, you might think about taking your spotlight stroll in wedding pants.

Here are a few styles we love.

06-Abed Mahfouz

We’re all about these mixes of a daring, exposed bodice paired with classic, structured bottoms.

08-Riki Dalal

And the illusion of a dress, all while being comfortable, flowy and sexy.

04-Olivia Graham

Beautiful and oh so feminine, chiffon.

16-Temperley Bridal

And a major trend this season with fashionistas? A modern take on the 70’s jumpsuit. Yes.

17-Oscar de la Renta 3

Show off that beautiful, sexy tummy all while staying casual with a beaded chiffon overlay.

18-Rachel Pally Austin

Greek goddess chic, hullo.



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