All That Glitters Isn’t Gold: Incorporating Metallics Into Your Event

We’ve all heard the saying. But it’s true. Metallics are a great way to bring a little glam, sparkle and glitz to your big day – whether for your wedding, a birthday party or just a summer evening fête. Plus, they’re all the rage lately. We’re a huge fan of adding these simple accents, and we think after showing you a few easy ways to bring them into your event, you will be too. Here are our favorites for a glam wedding.

1. Attire. Whether you realize it or not, your bridesmaids, groomsmen and other members of the bridal party really do make or break the wedding theme. Bring it all together and ensure that even their look ties into other aspects of décor. We’ve seen some beautiful metallic bridesmaid dresses, or on a smaller scale, some really phenomenal jewelry and accessory add ons. Great Gatsby anyone?

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2. Escort cards, invites and other paper goods. These seemingly small aspects of your wedding actually make the first impression on your guests. An invite is the first piece of your wedding guests see, and escort cards are the first part of the reception. Don’t settle for these being the less exciting part of your day.

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3. Food décor. Oftentimes the cake or dessert ends up being a major focal point at the reception. It sets the stage for the space. It should also very much sync with the other parts of your day.

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4. Outdoor sparkle. Whether there’s an outdoor terrace accompanying your venue, a staircase leading to the getaway car, or just a great yard space for guests to meander into, use these places to add some more metallic pizazz. Glitter candles, sparklers, fireworks all give a glittery gold touch and will perfectly round out the theme of the day.

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