A Political Party-Party?

There is nothing more American, than a celebration of democracy!

Some people do not think politics should be spoken about in social settings.  Some households refuse to allow each other the joy of a good ole’ fashioned political argument.  But as Long Island event planners, we cannot resist the idea of a political party – party.   Why not?

Guests would come ready for good conversational debate.   This 2012 election cycle looks like it is going to be wild, we will all be caught up, why not acknowledge it with a celebration of democracy instead of ignoring the elephant or donkey in the room?

Ten reasons why a Political Party is a “Great Party” and you should host one:

10.  Sometimes it’s just a good idea to have a party. 

This is just another great excuse for getting all the folks you love to see together. Birthdays, holidays and politics, why not?

9.  Political Party – party is as good as any.

Someone I know well always says, “ A birthday party is ridiculous, you did nothing, if it were just your mom celebrating you, then a birthday party would make sense”.  If this is correct then any reason to have a party is valid, and a political party – party is as good any.

8.  Why not hear “it” all from the people you know, and can relate to?

The presidential election looks like it is shaping up to be a real down and dirty experience.  The super packs are going to be telling us what to think, how to think it and why we should think it.  Why not hear all of that from the people you know, and can relate to rather than some obscure folks putting their money where it will benefit their wallet not yours.

7.  You may be feeling terrified by the nature of the campaigns. 

The down and dirty nature of this year’s election may leave us all feeling a bit isolated and terrified.  A get together with friends will lighten up the atmosphere.

6.  By Halloween there will have been enough scare tactics used to terrify the most laid back citizen.

Make it a Halloween Political Party – Party.  Everyone will arrive dressed as his or her favorite candidate or ad or something interesting from the election debacle.

5.  It may be the best way to actually get the facts.

Guests come to debate the issues but in the invitation they are asked to have the facts, articles, authors, pundits names and dates, to back up their ideas, actual facts, found in respectable places, you may even add the names of journals etc. that are or are not acceptable for the debate right in the invitation.

4.  Guests should be prepared with jokes about both sides.

You could have a joke off, lighten the mood and enjoy each other.  People could start collecting jokes early on if they know about your plans.  Send those invitations early.

3.  Prove that we can express our ideas aloud not just in blogs or posts.  It is easy to think while you are typing but can you think and speak and control yourself in a rational verbal form?  Prove it at a party.

2.  Leave your anger at the door and maybe everyone present can learn something?

We consider ourselves global individuals and at this time we think we are not bigots, but we may be bigoted against political ideas outside our own?  Take the test; enjoy a Political Party – Party.

1.  The most important reason to have a Political Party – Party is that the election will be the biggest thing happening this fall and we should not ignore it.

La Bella Planners believes that the people of New York City and Long Island are sophisticated enough to handle a Political Party – Party, what do you think?  Interested in putting one together?  Contact us, the professional staff at La Bella Planners would love to help.  Think a Political Party-party may not be the way to go?  We still encourage you to contact us, we’d love to discuss!

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