5 Tips From Long Island Event Planning Experts On Wedding Flowers

If you’re a La Bella Planners costumer, then you know there are big decisions that have to be made during the wedding planning process before you can put the little decisions into action.  As Long Island event planning experts, we recommend sorting out your music/entertainment, food/beverage, transportation and florist before focusing on the smaller items.

Below, we have outlined our top 5 tips to make your floral arrangements shine.

1.  Every bride and groom should have a budget going into each vendor meeting.  Without one, you will be lost.  With that said, we have worked with couples who base their entire wedding around a month when their favorite flower(s) are in season.  For example, calla lilies are in season in March/April and Peonies in May.  If you are having an August wedding and your  heart is set on Peonies as your flower, you will be paying much more because they are out of season then.  Click Here  for a great site that that you can go through to find exactly what month your favorite flower is in bloom.

2.  Make your bridal bouquet extra special by decorating it with a family heirloom.  This serves two purposes because it gives an extra meaning to your bouquet and also works as your ‘something old’.  One of our favorite ideas is wrapping your bride bouquet with a swatch from your mothers wedding dress.

3.  One of the questions that you should ask your florist is if the flowers you are choosing for your bride bouquet press well.  The bride bouquet is one of the only tangible things that you will keep from your big day, and the better it presses, the longer it will stay in tact.

4.  Your centerpieces don’t only have to be made of flowers.  Some of La Bella Planners favorite looks this year have been interesting combinations of fruits, berries, cake pops and even buttons!  A little creativity never hurt anyone, and if you are in the market for something different but don’t have any ideas let Long Island event planning experts, La Bella Planners drum-up some ideas for you.

5. Last but not least, you should feel a sense of excitement from your florist.  Florists are artists, they should be excited to fall in love with what they create for you.

What were your centerpieces like at your wedding?  Or what are you thinking you’d like your centerpieces to be?  We’d love to hear from you.

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