5 Rules To Stay Sane Amidst Holiday Party Madness

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Earlier this week, I was chatting with a friend of mine who has a rather prestigious job in fashion. She mentioned that she has four holiday parties this week alone! And looking at my own calendar, I realized I have quite a few coming up myself. So the question arises, how do we stay sane amidst the coming onslaught of holiday party craze?

Here are my best suggestions:

1. Invest in a pair of good heels.

Black heels go with just about any holiday party dress out there. Don’t waste time or money looking for shoes to accessorize your outfit. Focus on finding a good pair of shoes that will get you through all your holiday parties, galas and weddings. Comfortable shoes will allow you to enjoy the night and focus on the party, not your comfort level.

2. Commit to one dessert per party.

Excessive sugar and sweets will not only contribute to the pounds you already want to lose for your New Year’s resolution, but will also cause you to feel slow and sluggish.

3. Shop for your dress ahead of time.

Your outfit is probably the biggest stressor. With work, other social activities, and all the other shopping for holiday gifts, who has time to spend hours looking for a dress? Check out ‘Rent the Runway,’ an online service that provides designer dress and accessory rentals for a fraction of designer costs.

4. Decide on one drink or sweet to bring.

Choose one ahead of time and make this for multiple parties that you attend. You get to know the recipe and you can perfect it for this year so it’s your signature treat.

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