5 Local Honeymoon Destinations That Won’t Break the Bank

Ever get overwhelmed with the costs of producing your perfect wedding day? Then the thought of pulling out the card again to pay for a honeymoon makes you want to skip it altogether. Don’t give up yet! Honeymoons are an important break between your saying “I do” and starting life as a couple. They don’t have to cost as much as your wedding. Check out our recommendations for romantic and local honeymoon getaways that will keep you returning to celebrate anniversaries for years to come.

1. The Adirondacks, New York. 

Think stunning sunsets, magnificent mountain backdrops and spending nights gazing at the stars near a cozy outdoor firepit. Whether you want to go “glamping” (think camping in style) or stay at a resort like the Sagamore on Lake George, we recommend taking full advantage of your surroundings. Rent a boat, go on hiking adventures and don’t miss out on parasailing over the lakes and mountains. Definitely a peaceful oasis spot after the busyness of wedding planning season.

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2. Florida Keys, Florida. 

Are you dreaming of a beachy caribbean getaway, but don’t want to spend so much to get there? Stop just short of that, and stay in the beautiful Florida keys, an island-like escape that offers the serene beaches of the caribbean, but will be more affordable for your newlywed budget.

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3. Charleston, South Carolina. 

Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice 2013 Top U.S. City, this quaint and lovely Southern city is just the romantic, warm spot to celebrate your nuptials with your new partner. From historic mansions to miles of tranquil seaside, Charleston is a must for any new couple. Why not spend your first week as a new couple here?

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4. Savannah, Georgia. 

Another Southern charmer, as the oldest city in Georgia, this city has history, beauty and sights for any visitor. From cobblestone streets to dreamy tree coverage, this city takes romantic to a whole new level. According to it’s official tourist site, Savannah is most picturesque in the spring, when the azaleas reach their full bloom, blanketing the city in an explosion of color.”

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5. Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Known for it’s unique red sandy beaches, Prince Edward Island was brought to every girl’s attention as the backdrop for Anne of Green Gables, a classic young reader’s book. A new spin on an island getaway, this Canadian excursion will require your passport, hiking shoes, and a good camera to capture the stunning beaches at sunset.

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