2012 Wedding Planning Ideas

As the peak-wedding season approaches (summer), the 2012 wedding planning trends and wedding planning ideas are in full swing and we could not be more excited.  As La Bella Planners predicted, 2012 is the year for natural- feel weddings and events.  All of our bride and grooms are interested in down-to-earth beauty, which they are showcasing in everything from big picture items like the wedding ceremony and reception right down to the smaller details like the place cards and favors for the guests.   If your dream has been an opulent over-the-top wedding follow your heart but green weddings are in and on Long Island La Bella Planners events range from glitz and glitter, to farm and tent.

Weddings, like any event, have particular styles and trends that are tailored to each bride and groom.  The best weddings have been thought out from start to finish, incorporate a beloved theme and make lasting memories!  So remember to keep a few wedding planning ideas in mind…

Venue Details!

The venue can completely shape the wedding dynamic. Just as we pair accessories with garments, Feng shui in your venue is important. Look at your space. Is it historical? Are there ornate details like golden moldings and burgundy heavy drapes? In that case, I would not recommend modern blue light boxes, no matter how good they look in the picture you clipped from that magazine. With weddings, you must keep true to the concept of your space.  If you wish to “turn the tables” on your venue it is possible you may need help.  Filling a large space with incompatible items may not work and then again, done right, a little mix and match never hurt anyone.

Does your space have low ceilings; then your table and lighting plans cannot be tall and overwhelming.  Your plans should remain consistent with the architecture of the room.  Turning the Harvard Club into a barn is unnecessary.  A barn itself is a great venue and so is the Harvard Club.  Any Long Island event planner can show you many venues right here in our own backyard that would be perfect.

If however you feel you must dress down a traditional site be careful.  Examine your room, draw it, and take photos, Photoshop into your room all the accouterments you have been planning for.  Are you interested in hanging tea lights or draping flowers or fabric from the ceiling, be sure the look will be right for your room.  Dressing down your room is possible.   You may use twisted wood on tables with moss balls and tulips, or perhaps a calla lily standing up in a short vase.

Color Scheme… if not for anything but your pictures!

The earthy palette gives you a plethora of colors to choose from. You can remain neutral and down to earth with your greener, mossier, natural tones, or opt for something bolder. The season’s hottest bold colors are oranges, tangerine, peacock, and greens. And while you might not always find these colors readily available in items for your décor, they work splendidly in accents.

But be mindful of what works, and what doesn’t. Not all color combinations that work on dresses work on events. While I am partial to the rainbow — where all the bridesmaids wear a similar style dress in a different color — the rainbow might not work for the décor of the event.

Can you handle a DIY?

Many people are still experiencing hard times and although DIY weddings are OUT, I would argue that the trend is still swelling. If you choose to do it yourself (DIY) choose one theme, colors and all and stay with it.  Be careful not to have too many different themes.  If the venue has one look have the trimmings have their own look but only one.  Too many looks can be confusing.  The venue is one, the trimmings another.

If DYI is your plan there are parks and backyards everywhere, wood and branches or other rustic elements can easily be dressed up with a touch of glam, turning them into wedding accessories. Rustic elements such as stones, glass, glitter, lace and light can be wonderful combinations on your tables.  Spray them or leave them natural, stones and flowers on tablecloths and place cards can all be used to create tasteful pieces of your wedding décor.

It’s OK to spend hours divulging in gossip magazines!

With many newly engaged leading ladies looking to tie the knot in 2012, Hollywood’s finest will likely produce some innovative and elegant spins on the hot wedding trends. They will be receiving advise from everywhere.  Follow them, what they choose will be the topic of conversation and available to you at a full range of prices or to you through a photo glance.  Choose to use your own creative style. The earthy palette is the way the stars Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel and Drew Barrymore seem to be leaning but you can ease drop and use their experts’ ideas to help with your event.

With the stars leading the way with an earthy palette in 2012 natural venues will be the way to go.  Long Island is the perfect place for a natural event.  Whether you like the ocean, the beach, the bay, the forest or the hills there are many Long Island event venues and surrounding area venues that will be perfect for you.  Your wedding here on Long Island can be as glamorous or as earthy as any in Hollywood.   Long Island outdoor weddings (weather permitting of course) boast either natural wide-open spaces or venues with oversized windows with a panoramic view of the outdoors. Events in New York City in spaces like lofts will likely rise to stardom for couples to celebrate their wedded bliss, replacing the traditional, hotel style — a very bourgeois feel that is no longer the go-to in the wedding market. Brides are looking for spaces that are more open and entertain a free spirit. Ideas can be easy and innovative.  La Bella Planners always just has one piece of advise…  “Think out of the box and always make sure to have fun with it.”

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